Maritime Manufacturers Associates, LTD
Ocean & River Barges of all sides and functions
~ Nassau, Bahamas
Design & Engineering:
Maritimes Manufacturers Associates Ltd offers all services associated with large barge engineering and design to satisfy the need of each client. We recognize that each client and each purpose is different and are extremely adaptable to circumstances. All our barge designs are made in consideration to the usage, the client’ specificities, the local regulation and maintenance issues. We proud ourselves in being extremely responsive and efficient.

Maritimes Manufacturers Associates Ltd make all the choices of material with the client and supervise construction from the begining to the end, with total dedication. It is responsible for all tasks from the time the final design and blue-prints are approve by the clients to the delivery of the barges. Maritimes Manufacturers Associates Ltd established the schedule and the payment calendar.

Brokerage and Retrofitting:
Maritimes Manufacturers Associates Ltd is also specialized in locating, identifying, evaluating, and purchasing existing barges that are subsequently redesigned to encompass more recent technologies, then retrofitted. These second-hand barges offer the advantage to be cheaper and yet benefit from the same warranties than a newly built barge.

Maritimes Manufacturers Associates Ltd offers financial advisory services for the financing of barge construction and acquisition, in association with large US and international banks.
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